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Book Ends Essay, Research Paper

Book endsHave Toddler Will TravelThis may be a natural progression from Sarah Tucker’s

previous book, Have Baby Will Travel, but it is at least

10 times better, probably because the author spent a

year travelling round Britain interviewing families about

their experiences rather than writing up her own.The result is a thoroughly researched book, bulging

with information and tips, covering every section of the

holiday market from camping to cruising, with chapters

on popular child-friendly destinations. If the information

is not in this book’s 450 pages, you’ll be told where to

go to get it. The tips cover everything, from advice on

alternatives to vaccination and what toddlers say they

want from their holidays to the Civil Aviation Authority’s

requirements on child travel seats. The travel market

has scrambled to produce baby facilities and activities

for over-fives and neglected toddlers. However, with this

book, you’ll be well equipped to enjoy your holiday.(Hodder & Stoughton)Take the Kids: LondonThe problem with Joseph Fullman’s guide is that it

seems to have been written for foreigners, its early

chapters listing everything from arriving by plane to

addresses of embassies and consulates, with a bit

about the climate and even day trips to Brighton thrown

in. Perhaps that’s why its organisation by region rather

than activity makes it a strange read for us Brits – and

particularly for Londoners – with its presupposition that

visitors will blitz each pocket of London by area. That

said, this guide does have some interesting

information, such as the fact that kids can camp out at

night in the Science Museum, but its pages are

curiously smattered with questions and information

obviously meant for children – does an adult wanting to

take the family to the London Planetarium need a

question thrown in to ask the kids: ‘Can you name the

nine planets that orbit our sun, starting with the

nearest?’(Cadogan) Birnbaum’s Walt Disney World for Kids, by Kids 2002An interesting idea: a guide book written by children for

children. Produced in the style of a colourful scrapbook

with lots of pictures and cartoons and edited by Wendy

Lefkon, it’s a ride-by-ride guide to Disney, with

comments from ‘real’ children on each attraction.Inevitably many of the comments are along the lines of

‘this ride is cool’, but there are some really useful

insider tips too: for example, go on the popular rides

during the parades when the queues are shorter, and if

you want to see the animators in action, visit on a

weekday. It will certainly help whet a child’s appetite

before the trip and the puzzles and quizzes could kill a

dull minute or two while stuck in a queue.However, its success as a guide book on the big day

itself will largely depend on whether your kids are the

sort who will look up each ride and make a considered

decision about whether it’s worth the queue, or whether

they will be tearing your arms out of the sockets

pleading to go on whichever ride happens to be

closest.You decide, but whatever you do, follow Alice’s advice:

‘Don’t eat anything right before you go on the teacups!’(Disney Editions)The Good Britain Guide 2002, Sixth EditionYou probably won’t find a more comprehensive guide to

family days out in Britain than this.For every county there’s an alphabetical listing of

interesting towns, villages and family-friendly

attractions, as you’d expect. But where this book

stands out is with its attention to detail.Alongside the obvious theme parks, zoos and

museums, the editor Alistair Aird has highlighted tiny

farm parks where children can feed the animals,

adventure playgrounds where they can let off steam,

even suggestions for good picnic areas and walks – the

kind of stuff that can make or break a day out with

kids.There are plenty of recommendations for pubs serving

food, and useful bed and breakfast listings at the end

of each chapter for people planning a longer break.Completely lacking in pictures, this hefty tome may

look a bit serious but it does what it says on the cover

and you can’t say fairer than that.(Ebury Press)


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