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Business has always been the major of my choice because of the endless possibilities. You are on your own in a business – but you are also your own boss. And with this comes the privileges. Structure your business to the limits of your imagination. Anything can be sold for the right price. In addition, there is no cap on your salary. What you make depends on your productivity. Schedule your own vacations and take as much time as you like because there is nobody back home to fire you. Finally, finding a place to live is completely up to you. There is a business in virtually every field of interest, and it is up to you to decide which is the one for you. You like to dance? Start a dance club and dance your heart away. And what about skiing? Teach the world around you how to ski while making money off it. The possibilities are endless. If the job is fun then you will never tire of it, and your overall sense of well being will be improved. How much do you really want to make? A six or seven digit salary is closer to reality than one thinks if he/she has the right skills. The size of the business depends on how much you are willing to handle. As you make more money you hire more workers or start your business somewhere else in the country or world. Invest money to make money. All you need is the drive and the insight to see the opportunity knocking. I need a vacation! So take one! Any complaints? Nope. Your wife and kids are happy, and your money is still there when you get back home. Take another week and have the advisor sign the papers. And what if you happen to like Tahiti? What the heck? Move the family there and run your business from the beach. Have your workers fax the documents so you can see how your business is going. You?re safe, because your trusted president is taking care of all the business while you rake in the money. Why work for somebody all your life when there are so many other people like you sitting in a tropical paradise watching the KSU football games? The problem with many people today is that their minds are set to work under a boss all their lives, be it an engineer, surgeon or whatever. Or one might never want to risk being on their own, with an eventual failure always lurking in the horizon. We must see through these barriers and look at the innumerable benefits of creating a business. Start a business of your interest; make as much as you want; go and live anywhere you like. Make your dream a reality.

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