Реферат: The Masque Of The Red Death 2

The Masque Of The Red Death 2 Essay, Research Paper

“The Masque of the Red Death” is a very interesting story. It deals with the deadly red death that can kill in a half-hour. The ruler of the kingdom where the red death started is King Prospero. He was a selfish and cruel man. He basically left his people to die.

One night King Prospero had a party at his secluded abbey. On the doors the bolts were welded shut to keep the red death out. He was a vivid man who liked everything the way he made it. He even made the costumes for his guests the way he wanted them to be. Everyone was having a good time until the stroke of midnight.

At midnight a stranger showed up in the middle of the ballroom. No one had ever seen him before. He was dressed as a skeleton. All of the guests were talking about him. When King Prospero got word of this stranger he demanded that he be arrested. No one dared to touch him. So King Prospero went after him with a dagger.

As King Prospero attacked the masked stranger with a dagger, he saw his face and dropped dead. People tried to attack him but there was nothing under his costume. Soon the friends of King Prospero eventually died from seeing the stranger, THE RED DEATH.

King Prospero’s strengths are that he takes care of those who are really close to him. He is a very smart man even thou the red death was smarter. His weaknesses are that he is a selfish man who let his people die from the red death.

King Prospero was a confused and mean hearted man. He only thought about wealth. He did whatever it was that would satisfy his needs to live prosperous. In life he never had any real close friends. He only got along with the wealthy and this is what lead to his death.

Prospero might have been beaten when he was a kid or maybe didn’t get enough attention. Some major psychological problems had to happen to him for him to make these rash decisions. The neglected child life may have made him an outcast to society like he is in this story.

Prospero suffered from the disease of a bad heart. He was content on letting his people die from the red death. Instead of being a savior too his people he ran like a coward. For this he was later punished by the red death himself.

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