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Classical Adlerian Psychology Essay, Research Paper

Classical Adlerian psychology is a values-based, fully-integrated, theory of personality, model of psychopathology, philosophy

of living, strategy for preventative education, and technique of psychotherapy. Its mission is to encourage the development of

psychologically healthy and cooperative individuals, couples, and families, in order to effectively pursue the ideals of social

equality and democratic living. A vigorously optimistic and inspiring approach to psychotherapy, it balances the equally

important needs for individual optimal development and social responsibility.

With a solid foundation in the original teachings and therapeutic style of Alfred Adler, it integrates several powerful resources:

the rich contributions of Kurt Adler, Lydia Sicher, Alexander M?ller, Sophia de Vries, and Anthony Bruck; the

self-actualization research of Abraham Maslow; and the creative innovations of Henry Stein.

Although many other psychologies have adopted fragments of Adler’s theory, none has embraced his most fundamental

premise: the primacy of a feeling of community (connectedness) as an index and goal of mental health. As a values-oriented

psychology, it is more than a collection of techniques. It establishes philosophical ideals for individual and group development. It

does not rely on typologies, but attempts to capture the absolute uniqueness of each individual. Adlerian terms are clear and

free of obscure complexity. The goal of treatment is not merely symptom relief, but the adoption of a contributing way of living.

It is one of the most socially responsible psychologies in a field that frequently caters to self-centeredness or uninhibited

aggression. Our therapeutic style is diplomatic, respectful, and Socratic. We do not reduce psychotherapy to a by-the-numbers

procedure, but practice it like an art requiring creative innovation.

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