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Career Development Model Essay, Research Paper

Career Development

The Career Development Model is a step-by-step plan that helps you effectively plan your career and allows you to make decisions based on a large database of information you have collected concerning your future career. In this model there are three stages that one should follow to achieve an accurate picture of where you want to go with your future. In my planning I have completed the first two steps of the model and am currently working on the third in my quest to develop a successful career. The Career Development Model is a very efficient and time efficient way of directing your search for a successful career.

The first step in the Career Development Model involves Career Guidance and Decision Making. I have completed this step to satisfaction completing all the necessary requirements and decisions. Career Counseling was one of the most helpful programs that I completed. This counseling helped me understand the facts and the necessary requirements for different fields of employment. After Career Counseling I have decided to work toward a Bachelors degree in Business Administration with a minor in Finance. This stage of development was very helpful and rid me of the many questions I had concerning my future.

Developing Employability and Job Readiness is the second stage in the Career Development Model. This stage consist of many different skill development processes to better your skills and familiarize you with the job search process. I have completed resume writing, interview workshops, and mock interviews in my readiness for my career in Business. I also compiled a list of possible internships for which could help me become more attractive to my future employer. This stage prepared me for my future career and helped me with the skills needed to become attractive to employers.

Stage Three of the model is the Job Search process, which helps you find a viable employer. I have participated in On-Campus Recruiting meeting and talked to some potential employers about future employment and internships. This stage is not fully complete due to the fact that I have three semesters until graduation. I feel that this will be complete by this time next year and I will most likely have found my future employer.

The Career Development Model is an excellent tool towards developing your career and finding a future employer. If you follow this model and complete the many steps you will have a better understanding of the process of finding a career that suits your personality and abilities. This model has helped me make wise decisions concerning my career and find my strengths and weaknesses. It would be extremely wise to use the Career Development Model in your process of selecting and preparing for a successful career and bright future.

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