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Living As A Sociologist Essay, Research Paper

Living As A Sociologist

In this life we as human beings strive to live a relatively normal life. Living a supposedly “normal” existence is a big part of understanding sociology. This is because the same concepts that that are learned in sociology are the same concepts that people use as their basis for a “normal” life. What is this sociology that I talk of. The dictionary defines sociology as “ the study of human social behavior, especially the study of origins, organization, institutions, and development of human society.” This encompasses various aspects of life. All this definition is saying basically is that sociology is basically life and life understanding. Another important aspect of how to fit into life with the least amount of problems. To fit in society without any problems it is best that you follow what ever rules or “norms” that are active at that time. If you don’t follow these simple social rules you are then branded a social deviant due to the fact that you do not follow the rules that all those in your society follow. Another way to see how we use sociology in our everyday lives is by looking at the main topics in sociology. The more important topics in sociology are the following: values, beliefs, technology, and language. We have already looked at values, the next sociology topic that I will cover is belief. Beliefs are shared views about how the world. Beliefs can be religious, superstitious, or scientific. For example for

someone to go to church every Sunday shows a devoted sense of belief. Another example would be that most Muslims due to their religion, follow the lunar calendar as well as the solar calendar. Following the lunar calendar is also a form of social belief. Technology is the next sociology topic that will be covered. Technology is a very important topic in sociology. It is through technology that we as humans improve our labor, our environment ,and our communication. We are able to send out information across the world to various destinations all at once, within seconds, we can talk to each other over long distances. Technology has been one of the most important social topics, it has almost single handedly developed society as a whole. We take it for granted that we have the luxury of various technological advancements such as cellphones and beepers, these are social advancements through better technology. Last but definitely not least is language. Language is something that we use almost all the time. Language has changed form and usage from the beginning of time. Language brings certain groups together, gives them common backgrounds and bonds. Language also promotes cultural diversity. All of these parts of sociology are used everyday, but as you may know those parts of sociology are not actually considered “doing” sociology they are parts of the whole. The “whole” which I am talking about is the basic, general, bottom line meaning of sociology which is social behavior and social interaction. Sociologist study social behavior and social interaction between human being, the study of people and how they

act towards other people. In conclusion I have observed how sociology is apart of everyday life for everyone and that everyone participates in sociology.

I personally am a sociologist, not because I have studied half my life about people and their types of behavior but because I live and have to interaction with people so therefore I feel that that I know about sociology first hand because I am an active participant. With the knowledge that I have from living life everyday I have a generally good understanding of sociology.

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