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Violence Essay, Research Paper

There has been a lot of controversy regarding the lyrics with negative messages, and they say it has an impact on our youth. Me being a teenager who listens to that kind of music, I don t agree with them. For years teenagers have been killing, and using drugs and doing violent things. And it has nothing to do with the music that they listen to. Maybe the parental advisory stickers are good, but to tell you the truth it was a waste of time and money. No mater how many stickers you put on cd s and tapes people are still going to buy them. I don t think that it s the recording company s responsibility to monitor what kids listen to or the lyrics of their music. They are trying to make money just like every one ells. It s not the artist fault neither. It is not their fault that teenagers smoke, drink, use guns etc. You cannot blame that all on one person. It is nobodies fault. It is not the parent fault either. Some parents do every thing that they can for their children, and they still take the wrong path. Regardless of whether or not the parent s let their children listen to the music, they are still going to do it. They can listen to it through their friends. Regardless whether or not you can t buy it because you re not eighteen there are other ways. Every time something goes wrong in this world whether it s a school shooting or some body gets shot, its always somebody s fault except the person who did it. Like the Columbine shooting, after that they tried to blame it on the movies. Whether it s the parent s fault or the movie they saw or the music they listen to. People are always trying to put the blame on someone else. People need to stop blaming other people and take responsibility for your own actions. Then again you have some people who take music as a way to relax, a way to express themselves with out acting in a violent manner. To tell people how they feel and to let people, know what s going on in their lives. I admit that some of the things that they say in there lyrics are negative, and might offend people. But who am I to judge them that’s not my place. My opinion is that regardless weather or not you let people listen to music or watch movies, they are still gong to do what they want to. There is still going to be drugs and guns and teen violence in general. So it s going to take more than parental advisory stickers. Instead of focusing on music they need to focus on the schools and in the homes. If children grow up around violence, and that s all they know then that s what they react towards. And if you think about it mostly all the things you hear about in those songs are things that they grew up to, things that they ve gone through. That s there way of expressing themselves. So who are we to judge them. If you don t like their music then don t listen to it, and if you don t want your kids to listen to it, then don t let them. But don t put the blame on nobody; people are responsible for there own action.

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