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Essay On Mary Thomas Story (The Movie) Essay, Research Paper

Essay on Mary Thomas Story

Mary and Isaiah Thomas face many problems in their community and they resist the bad influence because they have inner strength.

Mary Thomas is under a lot of pressure because she is forced to move to the projects. She’s very angry that see has to move, and scared for her family because of the violence in the projects. She also doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her like what happened to her friend.

She also has many problems with a gang called Ravens. They want to take control of her children. She is worried that they might get killed or end up on the streets just like her oldest son did, and that the children will go bad. She doesn’t want the Ravens to have any part with her family because they cause a lot of trouble.

Her youngest son Isaiah Thomas is under a lot of pressure. He’s going to an all white school and feels that he’s being left out. He feels low self-esteem in his English class, and fells that he’s being left out of the Basketball

Team because everyone ignores him and doesn’t pass him the ball.

Isaiah’s other problem is he’s pressured by the ravens Gang by forcing him to join. He feels that he shouldn’t join because his mom told him not to. Also he’s afraid that he might get killed like his friend did, or end up in the streets like his bother.

By the end of the movies Isaiah successfully graduated from High School and was drafted by the NBA. His mother wasn’t forced to move to the projects and got a full time job as a cook. All this proves that the family survived because they had inner strength.

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