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Animal Farm Review Essay, Research Paper

Economics Assignment

?Animal Farm?

Within the movie ?Animal Farm? there can be found an array of political statements and opinions in the actions of the animals and the storyline of the movie.

These clever vices are used to describe political situations found in the real world.

The movie begins with the introduction of mister Jones; a farmer who over -works his livestock with little compensation toward their part. This aspect reflects dictatorship; the overseeing government has total control over the society within the nation. Obviously, through history, people in the society of a dictatorship stand for it very shortly, as the animals do after a secret alliance is decreed between all of the animals in search of a rebellion against the evil and corrupt Mr. Jones. These meetings of all of the livestock present a danger toward themselves as the government watches and checks suspicious behaviour, looking out for any anti-government uprisings that could create a ?stir? in the right-wing society.

Just like in the movie, mass numbers in public (suppressed with one ideal) can produce a great force in numbers and over-throw the government through rioting and mass propaganda. Also spreading the word to other nations with the similar environment is presented in the movie.

Much the same as in real life, when the mass succeeds, they draw up a list of new statutes and regulations that fit the basic average of what every person (or animal) wants or sees in a perfect society/economy that would work with their new ideals. It is then that the work must begin; finding out who works where, who does what and who is best fitted for their role in society. An example of this in the movie is when it is decided that the horse will plough the fields as it has expertise in the category of the task at hand. Rather than have the government appoint workplace positions, found in communism, the people of the society find the skill required for each task.

Present in the movie is the ideal of overthrowing government structure from within. In the movie, the pigs follow along with the new society. Little do the other animals know is that the pigs have been conspiring with tough military forces (dogs) behind their backs. The pig?s plans are to over throw the new government with the army, introduce even newer, unfair statutes and regulations, and to obtain a hierarchy in the society all based on the fact that is they have the physical force. This is a factor related to the political situation in communist Russia. How Stalin, after the death of Lenin, took his ideals and enforced them even though they both admired the communist style government.

Another realistic characteristic is the way ?Snowball? the pig was in charge of the new party only to be blamed by ?Napoleon? for all of the proposed faults of the new society and getting them to believe that ?Snowball? is stealing and cheating from within. This is similar to the events surrounding Trotsky?s assassination.

?Napoleon? then uses the construction of the windmill as a deterrent for the growing food shortages and blames ?Snowball? for the attempted defecation of the windmill. No animal questions his new line of order, as they have no power in the face of his corrupt leadership and are too afraid of ?Napoleon?s? reign

The conclusion of this movie is that, basically, all of the honest workers, represented by the animals who weren?t pigs, were taken advantage by the bourgeoisie, represented by the pigs.

Orwell illustrates the impulse of greed found within almost every human and how we will strive at nothing to get what is rightfully ours, no matter what the method or how high the cost. I agree with this factor because I can generalize that every human being has within them the greed of self-enhancement. I also believe that people do things for the benefit of themselves over the benefit of others. Orwell?s Animal Farm is a perfect example of how corrupt a society can be within.

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