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Jaws Vs. Drew Carey Essay, Research Paper

Jaws Vs. Drew Carey

The Final Cut

“Mom, can we go to Florida” is a common phrase heard when school is out. Deciding where to go and what to see is a very hard decision for cash strapped parents. Picking one park is even harder when they are both five minutes apart from each other. When you want to see top amusement parks, you have a choice of two of the biggest names in the Industry, Disney-MGM or Universal. Both parks offer a different experience, yet they started with the same goal in mind, entertain the guest.

Both Disney-MGM Studios and Universal Studios draw their theme and inspiration from film and television. They both offer rides based on television and movies, some of which can be fun, educational, or a look behind the scenes of the art of making movies. The studios are both working film and television production centers. The size of each park is a major separating factor.

Nearly half of Disney-MGM is off limits to guest except by guided tour, while Universal is virtually all open for exploration. Unlike Disney-MGM, Universal’s backlot is open for the public to walk among the movie sets. Universal informs people that they are a working picture and television studio, and only incidentally a tourist attraction. Guests are more likely to see a movie or picture in production at Universal then at Disney-MGM. With Universal being completely open to guest, the size difference become readily apparent, while trying to navigate around the different rides and attractions in the parks.

Attractions at both parks are excellent, though Disney-MGM rides are designed to move people on and off faster. Each park competes with one another to build better rides for their guest. The rides at both parks break new ground in engineering, power, and originality. Both parks offer 3-D simulation rides, Roller coasters, and stunt shows. Waiting to ride the rides has changed considerably since Universal started operations.

FastPass is a program that lets you set appointment times for rides. This was first introduced in Universal and largely ignored by the other amusement parks. In 1999, Disney-MGM started using this program on certain rides. FastPass allows a rider to get a reservation for a set time instead of having to wait in line. This helped cut down waiting times at both parks. This works well except when a ride breaks down.

One of the setback or advantages to the two parks is that they both offer different product mixes. This is great if you want to spend more then one day at different parks, but when money and time are a factor it is a disappointment not being able to see both. Universal and Disney-MGM both provide good exposure to the cinematic arts. Universal programs are typically more informative and comprehensive. Disney-MGM is more on the level of infomercials for their movies and television shows.

Disney-MGM and Universal are comparable on the price to enter their parks, so deciding which park to go to is a choice that is all based on individual preference. If you are a big fan of Jaws, King Kong, Woody Woodpecker, or The Blues Brothers then Universal has a great offering designed for you. Disney-MGM on the other hand offers you Drew Carey, The Muppets, and the Twilight Zone. The only way to truly enjoy the experience is to go to both parks, that way the only thing left to decide is which overpriced restaurant in the parks you are going to eat in.

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