Реферат: You Need A

You Need A… Essay, Research Paper

You need a man, a man like me,

Together we will sail across the sea.

You need a man who doesn’t run away in fright,

You need a man that will stay with you all night.

You need a man that will call you his queen,

You need a man strong enough to be king.

Cast off your so-called man, he knows not how to treat you right,

Cast off your so-called man, he’s a baited hook you shouldn’t bite.

I’m your man, your knight in shining armor,

I’m your man, who will treat you with honor.

You need a man that will make you heart sing,

You need a man whose name doesn’t make your ears ring.

Summer is short, winter is long,

But all year you make my heart throng.

Others have sipped of your sweet nectar,

Only I though can be your protector.

When you get bored, remember me,

One call from you and I will surrender to thee.

My heart is my biggest prize,

I melt when I look into your eyes.

Give me a chance and you won’t believe,

How good I can actually be.

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