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Who Says You Can’t Compare Apples And Oranges? Essay, Research Paper

It has been said that one can not compare apples and oranges. I believe differently. Apples and oranges are both delicious, edible fruits that germinate on trees and are the size of baseballs. Apples are grown in the northern parts of the United States while; oranges are grown in the southern parts. Both make a sweet, vitamin-rich juice and contain seeds.

Apples are truly special fruits. Striated, thin reddish-green skin surrounds and protects the moist life inside. The layer underneath contains the white, nutrient-rich, soft tissue and tender juicy sweetness. To devour an apple, simply bite into the flesh, and eat the whole thing, skin and all. Most people avoid the core, which contains the seeds, but they are not harmful to consume.

Oranges are everyday familiar fruits. The bumpy thick outer, orange-colored layer shields the irresistible juicy, yellow tender insides. An orange must be peeled before consumed because the skin is extremely bitter. All the wonderful energizing, aromas are released while cutting into the dense skin, making your mouth water with the anticipation of its sweetness.

Marmalade, a thick jelly-like spread is made from oranges along with, the ever-popular alcoholic cocktail, Screwdriver that is made with orange juice and vodka. A favorite among chocolate-lovers, the chocolate covered orange is a deleticacy. An American staple, apple pie and a favorite autumn-time beverage, apple cider, are made with apples. The caramel apple, another fall-time favorite, is popular amongst children.

Third-world countries treat oranges as gold, due to their scarcity. Oranges are given as Christmas gifts. Apples on the other hand, are plentiful there.

Both the apple and orange have family. Cortland, Rome, Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Macintosh and Grammy Smith are famous apple aunts and uncles. Clemintines and tangerines are the little niece and nephew of the orange.

As a small child, I can recall my mother saying, ?An apple a day keeps the doctor

Away.? This is true due to the high amounts of fiber found in apples. They are good for

your teeth and good for your digestive track. Oranges, on the other hand, have vitamin C

and folic acid, which are necessary for the production of white blood cells and important

to pregnant and nursing women.

In Bath and Body Works, a women?s? toiletry boutique, the apple is known as the sensuous fruit while the orange is viewed as the energetic fruit. All of the apple sprays, lotions, body oils, lip balms, bath beads, bath salts, candles and deodorants are named Sweet Sensuous Apple and are guaranteed turn your lover on. On the contrary, all of the orange powders, nail polishes, massage oils, bubble baths, hair sprays, acne treatments and skin refreshers are named Zippy Energizing Orange and are guaranteed to get you out of bed, a natural stimulant of sorts.

Much like us, the navel orange has a belly button of sorts; this is a sign of life force. Apples however, contrastly have a stem, which can be compared to a dried up umbilical cord. A fetus starts with an attachment to his mother through his umbilical cord, much like a stem to a tree and when birthed to life ends up with a belly button, as a reminder of his time in utero.

Apple and Orange can be used to compare women?s anatomy. The apple is a way to describe a top-heavy woman with bird legs. Oranges are often compared to perfect, round, perky breasts.

Although, I prefer oranges, the apple has Auctoritas, legitimate authority stated in the bible; Adam and Eve.

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