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Articles Of Confederation Essay, Research Paper

Articles of Confederation

The Articles of Confederation is a form of government that allowed each section

of the country to have their own governmental group. They made and used their own

laws, but could not be over ruled by the central government. The central government was

also very restricted on making policies and decisions. The difference between a

federation and a confederation isn’t always easy to make. A confederation has more

limited powers with the central government than the federation does. Usually only

national defense and foreign relations and a few other minor things are assigned to the

federation. One way to remember the difference is to look and see who is controlling the

taxes or enforcing the law over individuals. Confederations do not have the authority to

do direct taxing or to enforcement of the law over each citizen. They have to depend on

the regional governments to provide their own taxes and law keeping.

The Articles of Confederation were adopted on November 15th, 1777. The

articles were written to help govern the 13 colonies. Laws had to be instated because of

corruption within the colonies. The colonies wanted a form of government that would

allow for no one person to make all the rules. This did work for a period of time. The 13

articles provided many different things. In the following pages you will learn that not all

of the articles were good. Many failed due to the way they were set up, it would take a

unanimous vote to have anything changed and this was very hard to do. After much

thought, the Articles were replaced with the Constitution.

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