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When It Rains It Pours Essay, Research Paper

As I sit here listening to it fall on my window sill I

feel a shade of darkness come over me. I walk outside to feel it falling on me. As I

life my face towards the heavens to feel it falling on me I have this dark

feeling of dred.

For me, rainy days and nights make me feel sad inside. I get depressed and want to

stay in the house in bed. Whenever it rains I usually come downstairs and

look out the window, only to see if my car is still in

front of my door.

As I stare at the sky, I think to myself, it’s going to rain all day. But still,

I thought, the sun could shine anyway, bringing with it the spring flowers that smell so

lovely, the green grass, the blue sky, and the white clouds. Oh well, just a thought. I close my curtains and go

back upstairs, I get back into bed and try to sleep. Sleep eludes me because I am thinking about things like life

death, and money.

It begins to pour and as the rain falls harder and hevier, I feel myself

begining to fall asleep. Rain is like life, it comes and stays a while.

Rain is like death, when it’s time to stop it knows. Rain is also like money,

when you have a lot of it, it pours.

I dream of the day when the rain will go away, but until

that day, I will listen to its drops on my window pane.


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