Реферат: People And Territory Essay Research Paper

People And Territory Essay, Research Paper


Did territoria motives

determine war aims and we boundary lines choosen in accordance with strategic


Claims in those days

about decent border? Vespasian ?scientific frontier, depth of territory.? Apparently Severus claimed this? but sees

real reason as not protecting Syria as a further cause of warfare.? Severus? conquest Mesopotamia did not

prevent capture of Antioch in 253? may have indirectly caused it.?

Romans didn?t fight

states, they fought peoples or tribes? hence Imperium Populi Romani??

arrangement always with Kings?

Appian passages refer

to exclusively peoples and kings not land? still emphasises profitability as

opposed to glory and honour of the empire.?

Concept of boundary have any relevance in Empire?? Schlumberger no stones exist to set


All contemporary

sources seem incredibly vague about border, but internal border well mapped and

marked out. Yes talk about province as being border, like Arabia, but statement

of southern border of Arabia?

Contrasting evidence

shows that administrative, ethnic and military frontiers do not necessarily

coincide.? Nisbis in Mesopotamia may

well be occupied, but not necessarily administered within the empire

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