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Photography Essay, Research Paper


Many memorable moments would be lost and long forgotten

without photography. This career involves a lot of creativity and

effort, plus the knowledge of many skills. There are many

requirements and responsibilities one must know in order to become

a successful photographer.

First of all, your education is very important. One must take

highschool courses in photography and commercial art (CRM 20).

After graduating highschool and college with a diploma and degree,

one must go to a photography school (CDE 36). This school will

teach the students how to be successful by teaching them the skills

and talents one needs to be successful. Or, instead of joining a

photography school, one could always be an apprentice and work for

others (Lorenz).

Secondly, in order to be a photographer, one must have the

knowledge of the following, including the equipment, one’s creativity

and how to use it. For example, electronics, optics, graphic

reproduction, color, architecture, lighting, and business skills are all

important to properly produce quality pictures (CRM 10). These

skills will also help a photographer to satisfy the needs of their


Thirdly, there are also many responsibilities a photographer must

uphold. Such as, using a camera, developing pictures, cropping,

enlarging, retouching, and making appointments (Penner 12). As I

stated before, one must be able to satisfy and service the clients,

agencies, and models properly. These responsibilities will help to create a

perfect studio that is organized and well managed if followed accordingly.

Fourthly, a photographer has many advantages in their career if one

enjoys photography. Some advantages are the customers, the advertising,

the salary, and the ability to make your own schedule. For example, working

with, photographing, and satisfying are some things one photographer may

find the delight in about the customers. Also, advertising in galleries,

museums, magazines, books and calendars help spread the artistic talents of

the photographers which makes them feel proud of their work. “Making my

own schedule in my studio and the salary I receive helps me and my family a

whole lot.” (Lorenz). The salary for beginner photographers is around

$35,000 per year while an average photographer might earn between

$40,000-$50,000. And the salary for the advanced photographers are usually

$75,000 and up (CRM 20). For some, making their own schedule which they

are accustomed to is very useful, but, one must own their own studio to have

this privilege.

Lastly, there are some disadvantages in almost every job. For example,

it is hard to find clients. Yes, there are walk-ins and referrals, but sometimes

it’s not enough (Penner 11). Also, there might be an unwilling subject, such

as a cranky toddler or an uncooperative adult. So, a photographer must have

good communication skills to be able to distract and convince the subject

(CRM 16). Plus, being able to adapt to personalities of the people also helps

to gain a customer’s trust. For example, a person may be shy or greedy and a

photographer must be able to deal with that person (Lorenz). Most

importantly, a disadvantage is satisfying a customer. Pleasing the customer

can be very difficult or it can be extremely easy. But, in both cases, the

customer must be satisfied or one might lose their business.

In conclusion, I feel that photography is the most interesting career

and I hope to become a successful photographer. Although this career has

some ups and downs, if one enjoys taking photographs and has a wide range

of creativity, one should look into this career. Being able to capture a

precious moment on film is so fascinating and I would love to experience


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