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Batteries Essay, Research Paper

BatteriesSince my project is mainly about batteries, I decided toresearch the topic “battery.” Here is the research that I discovered. The first person ever to use the battery was Alessandro Volta.He was an Italian professor who devised the first battery in the1800’s. He created this device to provide steady electric currentfor study and practical use. Before Alessandro created the battery,only static electricity could be produced which had no practicaluse. The scientific name for a battery is electrochemical cell.Basically a battery is a device that changes chemical energy intoelectricity. When electric energy is needed, batteries and fuel cellsare one way to provide it. A fuel cell changes energy produced bya chemical reaction directly into useable power. Batteries come invarious sizes, from single-cell models smaller than coins tomulticell units that can fill a whole room. Portable radios, pocket

calculators, watches, and hearing aides are just some objectspowered by miniature batteries. Very large battery installationssupply energy for equipment such as that in telephone exchanges. Batteries are either primary or secondary. A primary batteryproduces its energy by consuming one of the chemicals it contains.When the chemical is gone, the battery no longer produce energyand it must be replaced. The carbon-zinc batteries used inflashlights and tape recorders are primary. Secondary batteriesobtain energy by transforming certain kinds of chemicals to otherkinds. When the change is complete, the battery no longerproduces energy. An example of a secondary battery is a carbattery. Hopefully I just taught you something that you didn’t knowabout batteries. by cnsmith18@aol.com

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