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Computer In Buisness Essay, Research Paper

The personal computer has changed the way the world does business.

Through the possibility of customers being able to access the Internet, They

have direct access to your business through a WebSite. The computer has

also changed the way small businesses keep inventory, handle orders and

advertisements. It promises to simplify routine business tasks and also save

time and money.

Through the option of creating their own WebSites, small businesses

have gained access to a larger market for very little money. The WebSite

can function as a source to receive orders for books and collectibles. It is

also a great way to market new products and ideas. The WebSite can offer

the future customer access to your prices, images or pictures of products for


Even though the application of a computer system yields great future

business prospects, it also provides a way to improve everyday tasks such as

keeping inventory. For example, there are applications where this buisness

can record and edit inventory numbers with ease. The computer system can

also issue a record of profit and loss statements, showing possible earning

problems before they are out of control. This helps keep the business profits

at a maximum and business risk at a minimum.

There are also many applications on the Internet that allow great

opportunities for advertisement on a large-scale and a small scale, giving

room to grow. This buisness can purchase ads for your shop on other very

popular sites, to get the business name out. There is also a program where

you can edit in video images of your store and, also, commercials for the


The application of a computer system in this store would change the

way business is done for the better. It would improve the effectiveness and

efficiency of office tasks and ordering of supplies. But it will also improve

the business advertising and marketing by making your goods more

accessible to a larger market of people. Computers have changed the way

the world does business. Be included in this new horizon of technology.

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