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Social Security Essay, Research Paper

Social security

The issue I am addressing today is what to do about social security. There is going

to be a large problem with our social security in years to come. Both Al Gore and Bush

have plans for this problem but which one is the best? The problem with our social

security is that there isnt going to be enough. Also there wont be enough young workers

to take care of the needed money.

Bushes plan for social security is to allow workers to keep a portion of there

social security. They can put it in stocks and bonds much like an IRA or 401(k)

retirement account. This plan has the potential to allow much larger gains. But it also

could result in the loose of a lot of money.

Al Gore has a much simpler plan. He just plans on leaving social security alone,

and to spend money from other areas to make up for the difference. This plan is safer

then Bushes but requires a lot of extra money to be with drawn from other areas of

government. This could put us in even more debut or neglect other areas funded by the


I think that the government needs to invest peoples money wisely. Also I think

that there should be a mandatory class in high school that informs the future workers

about how to invest and save. If people knew about investing they could invest and save

up money so social security wouldn’t be needed as much.

I know that something has to be done about social security and that Gores plan is

not the way to go. I support Bushes plan and think that it has the potential to prevent a

major problem we will be facing in the future. This also would be a temporary answer to

this problem because if the economy drops then everyone could loose a lot of money and

growth of the investments will depend upon each individual.



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