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Mad Cow Disease Essay, Research Paper

For preventing the spread of mad cow disease worldwide.

Years after it was supposedly vanquished, mad cow disease, the brain infection that kills cows and some people who eat them, is on a comeback. The disease has spread widely in Europe, and there are danger signs in the United States, where has never appeared. Mad cow disease is one of several fatal brain diseases called transmissible spongiform encephalopathies, or TSEs. After consuming the infected meat, the gruesome death starts with mood swings, numbness and uncontrolled body movements. Eventually the mind is destroyed, somewhat like Alzheimer’s, another brain-wrecking disease. This devastating disease has brought upon many casualties and worries throughout the world. Now, everybody is obligated to consider the available options preventing the death of more innocent people.

Meat is the main source for proteins, to which is supplied from the cows. Proteins are of great nutritional value and are directly involved in the chemical processes essential for life. The majority of people who live in the United States eat meat on a daily basis. Without the production of meat, humans would begin to stop eating because of the affect meat has on the people. In society today people of all ages love McDonalds. However, the people are risking their lives by eating a hamburger, which contains the deadly disease causing a fatal death when digested. Now the problem is that the production of infected cows is rapidly increasing, yet there is no purpose for them because of the disease it spreads.

The only way to solve the over production of infected cows is to send them to elderly homes. With the infected cows being sent, older people from the ages of 50-70 will base their diets on meat. Even though the meat being consumed by the older people are infected, the outcome will have no effect on them. The reason for this is because of the fact that the disease comes into action twenty to thirty years after being consumed. As a result, when an elder at the age of seventy-five eats an infected hamburger, by the time the disease is widely spread throughout his body he would either be incredibly sick or dead. Knowing that the infected cows are going to be sent for beneficial purposes to the elderly, humans can no longer feel worried about their meat products.

Shouldn t older people have the same meals as a teenager? What is wrong with a seventy-five year old eating a juicy tenderloin steak? Older people have the right to eat whatever pleases their diet. They are free to consume any meat products of their choice, knowing that their age and significance would soon come to an end. If one wants to eat a barbecued rib, then that grandma or grandpa should have the privilege of eating it. The main reason why factories should send these cows to elderly homes is because the disease would have no effect on them. People over the age of fifty ought to live their remaining time on Earth with pleasure. Whether or not they are infected with the disease they are all going to die anyway, which is why there should be no worries. In life, the best feeling is after eating a delicious meal and being relaxed.

Additionally, I would advocate the idea of sending infected cows to third world countries because of the help it would provide for hungry people. The effects could not only help the people receiving the food, but also at the same time help the world with its problems. Overpopulation and world hunger are leading issues that determine how the world will turn out in the future. With the solution of sending cows to third world countries, the outcome would lower the population and solve the problem of hunger. Countries that battle against hunger suffer daily as they go through each day starving because of the limited amount of food. Their sufferings can be altered toward a better living standard. The hungry people can eat large meals and no longer have the feeling of being hungry. In addition, the people can die knowing that they re last moments on Earth were delicious.

Victims, young and old, fall ill and over a matter of months, slowly lose their sight, their hearing, and their minds. By the time of death they can’t move or speak. It is better having old-aged people eat these infected products than the entire youth. Due to the fact that older people experienced life longer than others, it is time that they contribute something to others. Moreover, these infected cows being sent can assist third world countries. The overproduction of infected cows can be sent to elderly homes and third world countries to help solve the problem of mad cow disease. Getting rid of the infected cows can lessen the chances for the deadly disease to harm somebody. By these solutions, the preferred meat would spread throughout the world to the remains of healthy people. Nonetheless the elders who gave up their lives for the protection of humanity shall be remembered and thanked.


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