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Ben &jerrys Essay, Research Paper


 Who will take over when Ben and Jerry die

 How can Ben and Jerry?s compete with low fat ice cream

 How can Ben and Jerry?s compete with retail stores (Carvel, Baskin Robins)

 How can Ben and Jerry?s grow to increase capital

 Should Ben and Jerry?s be concerned with health conscious consumers

 How important is the society to Ben and Jerry?s success as far as the company?s profit


Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield found Ben and Jerry?s in December 1977. They began selling their ice cream in 2? gallon tubs in area restaurants. As profits grew, their range of distribution also did, as did the rest of the business. After just wholesaling their product they were now in grocery stores and eventually in supermarkets. With the eye-catching containers and a full refund guarantee their product flourished. They caught the consumers eye with concern of the society, which with high quality, they gained a wide range of consumer loyalty.

Mission of the company

Ben and Jerry?s statement of mission created and demonstrated a new corporate concept. Their mission statement consisted of three parts. The first is to have the highest quality, with a wide variety of flavors and made in Vermont. Second is to help the structure of society. Ben and Jerry wanted to help the quality of life local, national, and international. Last is to operate the company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth increasing value of company share and creating new career opportunities



 Offers a refund to the stores if stock does not sell

 Social responsibility

 Brand name recognition

 Strong competitive strategy

 Leader of super premium market

 High quality


 Shelf space

 Equipment setting

 Increase health factors decrease taste


 International distribution

 Profit sharing

 Employee benefit package


 Competitors

 Costs more than competitors

 Nutrition label

Competitor analysis

The competitors consist of a few hundred local and regional companies plus a few competitors which most brands were available in most major national markets. The competitors include Haagen Dazs, Healthy Choice, TCBY, Baskin Robins, Breyers, Columbo, Edys, and Kemps.

A few of the competitors only competed in on premise retail scoop shop market segment, for example Baskin Robins. Others competed in both on premise and take home segments. The majority of competitors competed in only the take home market segment. Many competitors started a frozen yogurt line so they did not have to depend on just an ice cream line. The new product line introduces a new line of competition. Retailers had to choose in freezer space for all types of consumers.


 Drop less popular flavors

 Increase premium sales

 Increase sales international

 Diversify


Ben and Jerry went against the norm. They went to Colgate University and dropped out because of poor grades. In 1977 they started their own business, which did not last. Their second business became a highly respected and highly profitable company we know as Ben and Jerry?s. Ben and Jerry prided their business on using the highest quality product to produce the best possible product available, and keeping the customer on the top of their list. They produce a wide variety of ice cream flavors. Even though their product is more expensive than other competitors, customer loyalty has kept their drive of having the highest quality product from day one to the present.

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