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MLK Essay, Research Paper

Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta Georgia, the oldest son of Martin Luther King, Sr. and Alberta Williams King. His father was a Baptist minister, a pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist church in Atlanta, which was founded by Kings maternal grandfather. King attended local segregated schools, where he excelled. At age fifteen he went on to Morehouse college and received a bachelor?s degree in sociology. At that point he went on to graduate with a bachelor of divinity degree from Crozer Theological Seminary, then continued on to be awarded a doctorate on systematic theology from Boston University. Not content with his accomplishments, he went on to be an American Civil Rights Leader. (King, Martin Luther, Jr.)

King was brought up very modestly. His parents taught him the value of going to church. He also learned to use what he experienced as a tool for improving the lives of African Americans. At a young age, he appeared determined to change things. By his academic endeavors, he appeared to be a very serious person, someone not afraid to go against the grain. He was not willing to use his oppression as a reason for mediocrity and laziness. Instead, he planned to stand up for his beliefs and become a leader for the cause of Civil Rights. His moral values of integrity, love, truth, fairness, caring, non-violence, achievement, and peace were what motivated him. King was not great because he was well-known, he was great because he served as a cause of peace and justice for all humans. He is remembered for his humanity, leadership and his

love for his fellow man regardless of skin color. He is termed one of the most influential leaders of our time.

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