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Hermia Analysis Essay, Research Paper

When we first meet Hermia in the play called A Midsummer Night’s Dream, written by William Shakespeare, she is a girl in love against her father’s wishes. From the very start of the play we can see how much enamored she is with Lysander. We can also see that Hermia is a woman with her own desires, and does not liked to be forced to do things that she does not want. She does not want to marry the man that her father betrothed to her, even though it could mean her demise. Her choices of living in a nunnery and live the life of chastity was not an option for Hermia. She loved Lysander and all she wanted was to be with him.

Hermia is the daughter of Egeus. She is a tiny woman that possessed sparkling eyes and a lovely voice. Hermia is very adamant about what she wants from the balance of the play. She has only eyes for Lysander and is very faithful, even when faced with the obstacles of death or the nunnery. Throughout the play Hermia emotions were confused at times. She even says “Am I not Hermia? Are you not Lysander? (Act III Scene 2 Line 292). We see at this point that she is confused and her feelings are hurt. At that very moment I think she feels like she has lost part of herself, a part that she has given to Lysander. So when Lysander returns to her, she is her self once again.

Presented with many obstacles and complications to overcome, we know that Hermia is the protagonist in the play. She has relations with almost all the characters in the play. The first and most important relationship is her love, Lysander. From the very beginning we see that Hermia loves Lysander with all her heart and soul and he loved her the same. The only tragic flaw in their relationship was when Puck put the magic juice in Lysander’s eyes and he fell in love with Helena. Hermia felt sad and rejected when that happened. But when Puck finally realized that he had made a mistake and corrected it, Hermia and Lysander were in their heavenly bliss of love once again.

Hermia’s next relationship is with Helena. They grew up together and were probably best friends when they were younger. When they hit womanhood, jealousy overcame the best of them. Everyone including Demetrius loved Hermia, the one Helena wanted. So the jealousy formed an obstacle between them, Helena wanting Demetrius and Demetruis wanting Hermia. Helena was very jealous of the Demetrius’s love for Hermia. Helena was so blinded by her jealousy that she overlooked the fact that Hermia didn’t even want Demetrius. Puck had a plan to use magic to turn Demtrius’s love for Hermia into a love for Helena. Hermia was very true to her emotions even when she thinks there is no hope. Through all the commotion Hermia stayed strong even in the face of losing her lover. In the end everyone is very happy, Hermia gets to marry her true love and Helena gets Demetrius and his love.

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