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American Goldfinch Essay, Research Paper

The American Goldfinch

The American Goldfinch is a typical member of the North American seed-eating birds that are members of the finch, or Fringillidae, family. This state bird has adapted to eating seeds with its short, heavy, and conical beak. American Goldfinches use their feet extensively. They have adapted to their low body weight (about 11 g) and their dexterous foot and bill. Their foot is special because it allows them to clamp and extract seeds. The Goldfinch also has adapted to its small size and unique wing structure which provides it with speed. It has adapted to a low-protein diet by having a prolonged moulting period. The American Goldfinch has adapted to predators by utilizing a mostly seeds diet, which predators find insufficient for their health.

The American Goldfinch can be all across Southern Canada and most of the United States. The Temperate zone is the very colorful climate they live in. This environment is somewhat warm and sunny, with many plants and animals. Rain and storms are not common, though they do occur sometimes. American Goldfinches may build their nest on the terminal branches of bushes or trees.

Pretty much every adaptation of this state bird refers to its characteristics. The American Goldfinches adaptations of eating seeds, avoiding predators, and living on a low-protein diet refer to the characteristic of its short, heavy, and conical beak. Their adaptation of their light weight, and dexterous foot and bill enables this bird to take advantage of food sources relatively inaccessible to some potential competitors. Their wing shape and weight allow them to reach seeds quickly and their bill and feet allow them to break the seeds down.

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