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Luke Essay, Research Paper

Baldwins s Vow

Luke Baldwin’s Vow is a story written by Morley Callaghan. It is a story about the vow Luke makes. In this essay I will tell you about the good and bad things that Luke goes through.

First, I will talk about Uncle Henry. Luke is sent to stay with his Uncle because his dad is dying. One of the good things that Henry dose for Luke is that, Luke needed a bike for school, witch was two miles away in town, and he bought him a good one. Now, one thing I need to point out is that Henry had a dog named Sam. Whom Luke loved but it was an old dog that was losing his site. One day when Luke and Sam were playing and Luke called him over and Sam ran into the chair that Henry was sitting in. After that Henry said to Luke the plain fact is the dog isn t worth keeping anymore. It s time we got rid of him.

Second, is Dan the collie. Luke loved Dan and when Henry said that it was time to get rid of him Luke was very upset. When Luke and Dan were playing Luke used to call him Captain Dan. When Luke got home form school he would play with Dan all the time.

Now, I m going to talk about three people, Aunt Helen, Sam Carter, and Mr. Kemp. First, I will talk about Aunt Helen. She was Luke s Aunt. She was nice to Luke. She wanted Luke to grow up like Henry. Sam Carter worked with Henry at the mill. He was their to drowned Dan. When he was trying to do this Luke found them and rescued Dan from drowning. Mr. Kemp was an old man. When Luke rescued Dan he when to Mr. Kemp. Kemp told Luke to pay Henry to keep the dog. Luke did not know were to get the money. Kemp said that he would pay Luke 75 cents to get the cows every day. That is my essay.

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