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The Drinking Age Essay, Research Paper

The Drinking Age

The drinking age is twenty one because all the people making the laws are over twenty

one. So they take a biased way of thinking. When we are eighteen we can smoke, vote, and be

drafted into the army, yet we aren?t capable of deciding for ourselves to have a beer or two. Why

aren?t we protesting this outrageous indignity? On the other hand, drinking has caused many

deaths and many more injures when its not handled right and abused.

First of all, when we are eighteen we can decide whether we want to join the army and be

trained to kill people and go to war and be shot at!!! But we can?t decide for ourselves whether or

not we want to drink. This doesn?t make sense to me. Also we can smoke when we are eighteen.

Smoking kills just as many people if not more than drinking. Yet we can make that decision.

Smoking causes cancer, and many many more conditions compared to drinking that causes liver

problems only after sever abuse of it. Smoking has many chemicals including carbon monoxide

which is so poisonous that we have alarms in our houses to detect it, but we can smoke and not


Second, we can vote when we are eighteen. We can vote for bills and bonds that change

our lives. We can vote for the senators and the entire Congress that propose laws that govern our

society. We vote for the President who is the commander of millions of troops whom he can send

to their deaths in a minute?s warning. The leader of the free world we can elect, but we aren?t

intelligent or old enough to decide for ourselves if we can drink. The drinking age for many other

countries is nonexistent or at eighteen. For example Canada about 3 hours drive from here, do

they have a problem with 18 year olds drinking? No.

Third, why aren?t we protesting? When the government tried to prohibit alcohol totally,

we protested until they changed the law. When the voting age was twenty one, we protested until

they changed it to 18. Where has that frame of mind gone? Has society oppressed us into mindless

robots who don?t question authority that others impose onto us? We have they produced a

generation of stagnant nonexpresive, noncaring unquestioning, following zombies.

Drinking has caused many deaths and injuries by abusers who drink and drive and just

plainly abuse it. But should we all be blamed for a few peoples abuse? For example some people

hack so should we stop everyone from using computers because of the abuse of some? Drinking

in small amounts even has a benefits by cleaning out the arteries.

Drinking is a part of our society. It has been since the beginning of civilization. Why

deprive a section of our society from joining in? When we are eighteen, we can smoke, vote and

be drafted but we cant drink. This makes no sense at all. More importantly why aren?t we

protesting. Protesting worked before and it can work again.

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