Реферат: Joseph Stalin The Most Infamous Leader Essay

Joseph Stalin The Most Infamous Leader Essay, Research Paper

In 1879 on Dec 21 Joseph Stalin was born he ended up dying in 1953 on March 5th. That was only the begging. He grew up and had become one of the undisputed leaders of the USSR from 1929 till his death.

In the time that Joseph Stalin was political leader in the USSR he had accomplished many things. One of these many things is the one that made him a very infamous leader. He was one o the first totalitarian leaders. By this it meant that he had complete power over everyone in the USSR. He could help someone or just kill someone he had a god-like status. Soon World War 2 came to the picture. Stalin made a grave mistake he signed in the Soviet-Nazi pact that Hitler could take over Poland without any fear of the Soviet attacking. Little did Stalin know of Hitler s plans to invade Russia in his attempts to take over the world. That was when Stalin rallied his country and declared war. Stalin knew that he needed the support of the USSR so he based it on religion and country holidays. His army grew by the day, they were skilled and very smart. The army had gotten so big and good, that he thought he had all the power at his finger tips (actually he did). He wanted all the power and would kill anyone who would disagree with his plans. That happened to be a lot of people.

In the end Stalin ended up killing even more people then Hitler. He would sacrifice lives to win. That is exactly what he did he killed many many people.

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