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The Cycle Of Never Ending Cause And Effect Essay, Research Paper

The Cycle of Never Ending Cause and Effect

There is no such thing as first or second, or as cause and effect.

Humanity has constantly searched for the beginning of things asking questions

such as ‘Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”. They search for answers

which are simply entangled in a never ending cycle of events. Belief before

evidence or evidence before belief, it doesn’t matter. Both compound a cycle

where before belief there’s evidence and before evidence there is belief and so


If the mind teaser about the chicken and the egg is traced back to its

beginning, for example taking the generations and going back on time, there will

come a point where the beginning of things will be put under observation. How

did things begin? Scientists believe that our world began with the Big Bang,

yet for the Big Bang to originate there must have been the Sun and the Universe

itself. Then what was before the Universe? An atom? And before the atom? The

word “nothing” is a common answer to these questions, supposedly ending the

infinite quest for knowledge. Yet before the “nothing”, there must have been

something else, maybe more nothingness, who knows? The fact simply is that

humanity doesn’t know what came first and have thrive to come up with answers

which range from the scientific point of view to the religious. The religious

answers, which are completely based on belief, used to be entirely accepted by

people, but as science began to flourish, scientific answers, which use logic

and reasoning, became the primary source for belief. Now a days it is important

to have evidence in order to believe. Yet when scientists discover new things,

do they just find the evidence? Or they believe that something is there and

begin their quest to find it? Again, be it one way or the other, it doesn’t

matter. Let’s take for example that the scientist believed that something was

there, his/her belief must have been based on evidence. How else then could they

have thought about it? Yet that evidence in return, before being discovered,

was based on belief and so on.

It is all a cycle indeed. One cannot say which came first. The beginning

of things will always be an unknown if humanity keeps searching for it. There

is no beginning. The cycle causes effects which in return cause causes which

cause effects. In a family where there is constant fighting, problems are the

result of other problems and so on. One would have to trace all the way back to

see what or who was guilty from the beginning. The same applies to the search

for the beginning of times. In order to stop the fighting one would have to

stop the cycle. Everyone in the family would have to forget passed events and

start all over, from the beginning. Yet because no such thing as completely

forgetting exists, someone would again do a misdeed that would spark the

fighting chain. The world is a sphere which rotates without stopping. Once it

stops, the cycle of never ending cause and effect keeps on going. As a new

begging takes place, the cycle would be rotating. It would be the same cycle,

not a different one. The destruction of our world would indeed cause the

beginning of another; if the present world had never been destroyed then the new

one would never have been formed.

A counter argument to the idea of a never ending cycle would easily be

disregarded. One can say that the cycle must have been put into motion by a

force as objects on earth are given a force to begin their motion. Yet that

cycle would not be the same one. The never-ending cycle of cause and effect, of

belief or evidence, of first and second, goes beyond all parameters. It is the

cycle itself which causes everything. It would be the cycle which would cause

the force to put a smaller cycle into motion. The cycle is an entity in itself.

It has always been and will always be.

Therefore, belief or evidence, are the result of one another. One caused

the other which in return caused the other. Both are part of the cycle and will

remain as part of it forever.

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