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Television, How It Has Changes Essay, Research Paper

How has Television programming changed from the 1970 s to the present? During the last two centuries there has been a vast amount of change in Television programming, as well as the American attitudes towards their viewing choices. As time passed, changes in style, physical appearance, influence of society, and demand for more modern viewing choices have taken place. The changes in Television programming vary going from black and white to color, and going all the way from old-fashioned family based sitcoms in the 1970 s to sitcoms depicting Homosexual lifestyles along with violence. The changes that have developed into what is now Television today have influenced viewers everywhere.

As time has progressed, there is a greater demand for advertising the human body, and so exposure along with sexual content have been advocated and greatly looked upon. This is depicted in shows such as Baywatch, Pacific Blue, V.I.P and major cable television shows. In the 1970 s shows like these weren t around. Exposure of the human body in a sexual nature was unaccepted.

Some Game shows are still around, such as the Dating Game, Newly Wed Game, Hollywood Squares, The Price is right and just until a couple of years ago the Pyramid. However, there are shows that no longer exist such as Password, Name that toon and many more family based game shows. Now in the year 2000 Trivia and game shows are very popular. Viewers at this point in time are watching more television than before. With more people watching the more shows start to develop and publicize.

In the 1970 s culture was respected and presented in Television programs. As time progressed, culture is highly looked upon and much more diverse. The diversity is expressed through the channels which are in different languages and focus on different cultures. Such channels include the Spanish, Indian, Chinese and Arabic channels. These focus on the culture, values, and beliefs of that certain culture. The diversity in Television today offers a chance for society to understand one another as a people and be exposed to different cultures and languages; which in turn increases tolerance for diversity, in society.

The over all change of Television programming since the 1970 s has grown with society and expanded to greater horizons, as a whole. The growth has taken place from the inevitable influence of the development of modern styles, which affected physical appearance of individual viewers and cast. Although, there have been many advances in Television Programming, there is yet to come many more changes and development in future centuries.

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