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Why Slavery? Essay, Research Paper

Captivity, bondage, restraint, subjugation, and slavery. These words all mean one thing, enslaving someone against their will. Slavery was an episode in history that scarred, many African men, women and children. Slavery tore families apart, shattered dreams, and left African?s feeling shameful and hopeless.

Today in our society racism still lies in it?s little secret places. People judge others by skin color all the time, sometimes without even realizing it. African American?s still think of slavery when it is brought up, but some approach it with a bitter sense, that talking about slavery now will do nothing. Talking about slavery won?t erase it from our past, but it will heal the wounds that some African American?s still hold deep inside. It will allow you to express your feelings, and understand what others think about it.

The last thing an African American young adult wants to see is another white student, reflecting on slavery. Why, because African American people feel that slavery was a struggle that they overcame, and a white person has no right to reflect on something their fathers caused. I think that it is best for everyone, no matter what race you are, to talk about slavery, because it will allow us as humans to have internal peace.

Some of us may not be mature enough to realize that slavery isn?t something that you have to hold back. The best thing for anyone to do is to say what they feel about slavery, because it will allow African American?s to heal themselves. It might also put a stop to some of the racism that still goes on in our society. African American?s have been blaming white people for putting them through slavery, when the best thing for a black person to do is to show that they can overcome the odds. Yes my great, great-grandfather was a slave, but I am a Medical Surgeon. How do you like me now?

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