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My Three Faces Essay, Research Paper

My Three Faces

Everyone has different sides, or faces, of themselves they show to people. Some people may view a person one way, they may be perceived completely different by another, as well as the face they show no-one, their true self. I show one side of myself to my family, but am perceived as a totally different person by friends, and am yet again different while I’m alone. There are so many layers to me, that as soon as you think you’ve peeled them all off, there is yet another still left untouched. I will not bother to attempt to show them all, but describe the main characteristic that make up the masks I wear, and touch gently on the true face I wear underneath.

When I’m with my family, I tend to be very moody because of frustration and boredom, which is brought on only by the fact we live so far away from friends and extended family. They usually perceive this mood as laziness, self-centered, and crankiness. After a while, I do end up acting cranky towards them. However, this is only after a few accusations of the previously mentioned, and insults on my character, and not totally uncalled-for.

Around my friends, I am completely different. I usually prefer to listen to people and their problem, and try helping people, rather than spreading rumors and gossip. Because of this, they tend to confide in me quite a bit and come to me for advice. They also know I like to joke around and have a good time instead of always being serious. For this reason, my friends tend to see me as a kind, caring, and considerate person, with a good sense of humor and a cheery disposition. How very different from my family.

Then there is my true self. This is the side of me that barely anyone ever sees. In reality, I am not really like either of my two “public” faces. I am a very quiet, thoughtful person. I love poetry and the fine arts, and tend to create my own. I have written many poems that no-one has ever seen. The works I have shown have been regarded with awe and surprise, by teacher and friend alike. I love music, and tend to throw my soul into any piece I happen to pick up. I would like to continue with music, and dream of one day performing on stage, with just a spot light and a microphone (a little known fact). I am very sensitive, and even seeing a dead bird makes me a sad, though I’d never show it, I know I’d just be thought of as bizarre, and foolish.

These are only the main portions that make up the faces I wear. There are still many more left unsaid, and perhaps it’s better that way. It is like the ancient Chinese parody of the tree and the three windows, “While a one man may look out a window in one room and see a beautiful flowering tree, another may look at the same tree through another window in a different room and see nothing but dead limbs, and yet another may look and see only the fruit it bares.” This is how it is with people as well, sometimes we, are perceived differently by others in ways we do not expect or intend.

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