Реферат: Fairy Tale Of Doom Essay Research Paper

Fairy Tale Of Doom Essay, Research Paper

Fairy Tale

This story happens in the hostel of the school. Joe, someone who competed in

an archery competition, once stayed at the hostel. This is the story he heard

and later relayed to us.

The hostel was of three (not very sure) stories high and there are rooms

being occupied by male students of all ages. Some of the older boys can be a

bully at times to the younger boys. One of the older boys learnt his lesson one

day when he met something not so pleasant as he was trying to bully a younger


It was past midnight, Min was at his friend’s room on the second floor for a

chit chat. Before long, he realized how late it was and asked wish his friends

good night as he leave to go back to his own room. It was a hot night with

occasional breeze. The whole place is quiet with exception of the familiar sound

of insects outside the building. It was just another usual weeknight when many

tend to go to bed earlier.

Min was walking slowly towards the room on the ground floor. As he was

getting towards the first floor, he saw a boy sitting down at the end of the

staircase. Min did not recall seeing that boy around before. Maybe it’s just one

of those studious students who never mix around with them. He looks much younger

than Min himself.

The boy had his arms on his knees with his face buried on his arms. From

behind, he looked as if he is sleeping. As Min got near, he can’t help but to

disturb the boy.

«Hey boy! What are you doing here? Crying? Oh, cry baby! If you want to

cry, go to your room and cry. Or go to your Mummy and cry. Don’t sit down here

and block my way!»

The boy ignored him and just stayed still. Min was annoyed because the boy

doesn’t seem to be scared of him, who is very much bigger in size and in age.

So, he got nearer to that boy and gave him a slight kick on his legs. «Come

on! Get lost!»

Then the boy sat up straight and slowly turned his face towards Min. As he

turned around, Min could see that the boy has got no face. There’s just a plain

piece of skin without a mouth, nose or eyes.

Min was motionless for a moment. He stared straight on the boy’s featureless

face. He doesn’t know what to do for once. He wanted to scream but the voice

never came out. His mind gone blank.

Then the boy started to move again. He was trying to stand up. Suddenly Min

started running away. Before he knew it, the boy was chasing behind! He ran as

fast as possible while kept looking back. All these while, he could see that boy

chasing behind. He got into his room, slam his door real hard and rush into his

bed. He quickly covered himself up with the blanket and shivering with fear. He

was still in a shock and stayed under his blanket praying.

Then he heard someone opening the door and walked a few steps in. Then the

door was shut. Min was petrified but dare not get up and see who it was. He

could sense the person walk straight up to his bed and stand right next to the

bed. His fear got the better of him and he may have fainted there and then. The

next thing he knew was it was morning already and he was sweating under his

blanket because of the heat. He realized he was not in his pajamas and recalled

what had happened the night before. He told his friends and since then, never

dare walking back to his room late at night when everyone’s off to bed.

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