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Metamorphosis Essay, Research Paper

Barking Up the Wrong Tree

As Nicole sat on the couch after school one day, she overheard her father grumbling in the kitchen. ?What are you whining about now?? she asked hoping he would say nothing and she could slid from hearing the ?you kids do nothing? speech.

?I?m just upset. You kids do nothing around this house. Everyday I come home and clean up the mess that you and your brothers leave for me.? Her father screamed, getting a little louder with each word like he did every other day. Nicole could have recited the speech word for word. She did not, because if she did that she would get in trouble for talking back. ?You could at least get up and empty the dishwasher.? He said, with little authority.

?Yeah, yeah, whatever dad.? Nicole said back. She was watching her favorite soap, General Hospital, and was not about to miss it for the dishwasher.

?No, do it now Nicole Madeline.? Her father snapped.

?The dishes aren?t going anywhere dad. Sonny and Carly are finally getting married and you?re making me miss it so I can empty the dishwasher. The dishes will be there when the show is over, believe me.? She snapped back with the familiar teenage attitude that she used much too often.

?I?m sick of your attitude?? her father said but Nicole tuned it out. The show was back on and she didn?t feel like listening to him complain about how many dishes everyone else in the family uses.

?Okay dad,? she said hoping her would stop talking

?Sure you will. Like you did every other day of the week.? He replied back in a tone he hoped she would not be able to hear.

?You do know that I can hear you. You?re not that far away from me.?

?I don?t know what is worse about you Nicole, your laziness or your attitude. Get up and do this dishwasher now.?

?I will dad, just give me a minute. Carly and Sonny are getting married, I cannot miss this part.? She said with emphasis on cannot

?Carly and Sonny have been getting married for about a week now. You won?t miss anything in the two seconds it takes you to empty the dishwasher.? He said, finishing his sentence just as Carly said she could not marry Sonny.

?You made me miss it.? Nicole screeched just as the announcer on the television said, ?stay tuned for scenes from the next General Hospital.?

?Oh calm down. I?m sure someone taped it.? Her father replied as Nicole stomped into the kitchen.

?I hope your happy now.? She yelled over the clanking of plates and the clicking of silverware.

?Extremely.? He said rather snotty. ?When you?re finished with that you can fold the towels.?

?It?s like I?m the only one who eats and bathes in this house. Can?t Brad or Michael do anything? What about you and mommy, don?t all of you eat??

?Nicole, just do what your told and shut up.? Her father said back, obviously getting fed up with her disrespectful attitude. Headlights from Nicole?s mother?s car rushed into the kitchen, and the sound of the idle engine in the driveway excited Nicole.

Good, mommy is home. She?ll have a thing or two to say to you about all this, she thought as she ran to the door, much too excited to see her mother. She felt her whole body wiggle as she heard the key slide into the hole. The doorknob turned and her mother walked into the house. Nicole jumped and bounced on her mother?s legs. What am I doing? she wondered. Only dogs? she thought as she realized that her nose was beginning to look long and hairy. What is this? She thought trying to cross her eyes to see her newly developed nose. Nicole ran into the living room and sat on the couch, but she could not position herself in a comfortable way.

?Where is Nicole?? She heard her mother ask in the kitchen.

?I don?t know, but this is the fifteenth time I?ve asked her to empty that dishwasher. Nicole!? Her father screamed. ?Get down here and finish emptying this dishwasher.?

?I?m in here.? She said, but all she heard was a whimper coming from her mouth. ?Hi? she tried to say something, but again, only a whimper came out. She stood, feeling very wobbly on two feet and walked into the kitchen. Her mother?s eyes grew as big as golf balls and she had to sit down. Standing next to her father, Nicole felt very small. Nicole?s father jumped back and stared at her. ?What are you staring at?? she asked, forgetting that she no longer had a human voice. She suddenly had a strange feeling in her lower back. As she turned to see what was going on back there, she noticed a stubby-looking tail protruding out of her jeans. ?What in the world?? she asked herself. Her legs gave out and she landed on all fours on the tile floor. Panting a little, she pranced over to her mother and father. Looking at her father, a sudden urge to bite him overcame her. She tried with all her might to stop it, but she could not do it. She sank her teeth into his foot, getting a mouthful of sneaker and sock. Haha, now that I can?t empty the dishwasher, what are you helpless people going to do? Eat off dirty plates, yeah, that?ll be the day! Nicole thought as she sank her teeth in more. Unfortunately, that night her father made her sleep outside. I don?t need these people. I could go and have a ball with all the other dogs of the night. Nicole thought and scampered away into the dark December night hoping never to return to this place. After she found some other dogs and played for a little while, she realized that she missed her family, especially her dad. He was always so nice to me. I was daddy?s little princess. Now all I do is give him attitude, that?s not cool. She thought. ?I?m going home.? She barked to all the other dogs and ran into the dark forest. As she ran, she felt her legs turn back, and when she reached her backyard, she was human again. Nicole swung the door open, and calapsed into her father?s arms. ?I love you daddy.? She said, and went to bed. Wow, it feels good to sleep in my own bed, she thought and drifted off to sleep.

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