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Story In Philadelphia Essay, Research Paper

Ever hear the stories about growing up in Philadelphia, the inner city? Well, this

isn’t one of them. Nakiea Tsolo grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She was born on

July 10, 1980 and lived there all of her live until this past August when she moved into

her dorm at Slippery Rock. Although you might not be able to tell from the way she

looks and most people wouldn’t believe me, Nakiea is very big into sports. While in high

school she competed in everything she could fit into her schedule.

Field hockey, soccer, and track include some of the sports she played in during

high school and even before. Tennis, however is her favorite sport to play. She started

when she was seven. She was recruited to play here at Slippery Rock but, with starting

college and all the work she decided that this wasn’t the year. Sports was a large part of

her family life growing up. Her older brother, Tshaka also played tennis and was ranked

in the state. It had been a growing rivalry, since they both had played. Last year her and

her brother played a match, to the surprise of most people Nakiea won. In high school

she also ran track. Nervous for a track meet that afternoon, she forgot to eat. Feeling

somewhat sick, she showed up for the meet. The coach told her she was to run the two

hundred meters a middle distance event, pleading with the coach to put someone else in

Nakiea knew she couldn’t to it. The coach paid no attention to her plea and, made her

run in the race. Surprisingly enough, she managed to win. After she walked straight into

the school locker room and a couple friends followed her. Going to the water fountain

for a drink. She collapsed and while falling hit her head on the water fountain. Nakiea

was unconscious, the doctors said she was too dehydrate to be out in the heat running.

Though it might of been a little embarrassing that didn’t stop her from running the rest of

the year. Most people can only play one sport and be good at it but, somehow Nakiea

managed to play more and be good at, at least two of them.

Like I said sports were a large part of Nakiea life but, when I asked of her greatest

accomplishment it had nothing to do with sports. She felt her greatest accomplishment

so far is, learning about herself and learn to have confidence in herself. Even with all the

accomplishments in her sports career, Nakiea likes to think that learning about life is

more important than any game or sport she plays. Though when asked about her greatest

sports accomplishment she said it was being M.V.P. for her district in tennis. Although,

she played a lot of sports, she never played her favorite sport Basketball. Growing up she

watched the Seventy-Sixer’s and North Carolina State play but, she never got into the


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