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Boys Form Brazil Essay, Research Paper


After the holocaust a man by the name of Dr. Mengele ran off to the jungles of south America in

Brazil to hide form Nazi hunters. He stayed there for twenty years trying to rebuild the aryan nation.

he had 6 SS men for his assistance. they joined together to have a meeting on what he wanted to do

on rebuilding. Mengele wanted to kill 96, 65 year old fathers and place 94 cloned Hitler’s in their

spots. A student by the name of Hunter spotted Dr, Mangele at a Japanese restaurant. He paid a

waitress to place a recorder next to him to record what he was discussing among the few. Hunter

then told the waitress to bring it back. Right after that he left the restaurant and went to his hotel.

Mengele then found out and demanded the waitress to speak out on wo the person was. She said he

was an American wearing a jean jacket with jean pants. When Hunter returned he immediately

called Yakov Liebermann a jewish Nazi hunter and his teacher. He had Liebermann listen to the

tape. While on the phone Mengele walked in and stabbed hunter to his death. Mengele too the tape

and fled. When Liebermann herd what Mengele and his men were doing he he had to put a stop to

it. After the first group of fathers got killed Liebermann got a list of all the other men that were going

to die. While Liebermann was investigating he discovered that all the clones were placed in adoptive

families. When Mengele found out that Liebermann wanted to corrupt his master plan he went

looking to kill him, but could not find him since he was not at his hotel. Liebermann went ot speak to

Mr. Wheelock a father of the clones to tell him that he is in danger .When Mengele finds out he kills

Wheelock. When Liebermann when to go meet him he did not know it was that he was Mengele.

Mengele then starts speaks to him and after he shoots him. when the Hitler clone sees this he

screams “mustard” and the dogs stared attacking Mengele which then led to his death. From seeing

this Liebermann decided not to kill the Hitler clones after all he did not want to be like Dr. Mengele a

child killer. A the end of the book it spoke about how the Hitler clone was doing things sort of like

what was going on in those old Hitler movies. So you really don’t know if the clones will be normal

people or turn to be the next Hitler.

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