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Child Pornography Essay, Research Paper

Child Pornography

Pornography is a serious issue that will never be ignored or dismissed. Focusing directly with child pornography. Pornography, viewed by an adult is a pill stimulating the mind, inducing sexual arousement and pleasure, but when a child views pornography, an affect of social behavior starts. This child not only represents him or herself in the world, but also represents the world?s youth altogether. Often pornography is the first exposure children have to sexually explicit subject matter, so it can set the standard for normal or appropriate sexual behavior. Teenage boys are the biggest consumers of pornography. Teenagers don?t just look they learn from pornography. The use of sexual media is clearly associated with sexually aggressive behavior. Some believe that it can cause addiction or compulsive sexual behavior, and almost all believe that it facilitates, maintains or reinforces it. This is particularly true if the pornography is arousing, if it is coupled with masturbation and subsequent orgasm.

About a couple of months ago, I accidentally caught my younger brother watched a porn movie. When he found out that I saw him seeing the movie he immediately changed the subject and raced out of the room in seconds. He was clearly afraid of talking to me about sex and instead his interested flicker toward porn video.

Children today are growing up whose earliest sexual imprinting derives not from a living human being but from fantasies of their own. From the lack of knowledge and maturity, children use pornography literature and illustrations to teach them how sexuality really is. It is hard for a child to come forth and search the answers from their parents.

When a child?s interest in aimed toward sex education, the easiest solution to learning is to seek a source that will inform the most and with the lease moral resistance. Twenty-nine percent of boys rated pornography over parents, teachers, and books, school and peers as their source for the most useful information about sex.

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