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Walden Journal Essay, Research Paper

Walden Journal

I sat one night and watched the white snowflakes falling against the dark back drop of night. The flakes reminded me of all the people ive seen comming together in conformaty. Each flake started out individually born in the skys and melting together to form one massive pile. Not unlike people joining into the military, many people comming together from numerous different places. To be part of one union to protect us from any threatening force. Like the snow that protects the ground from the cold of winter. So life can begin again when spring comes. As time passed more snow piled on gaining more ground, more force almost like it was preparing for some onslaught of unspeakable preportions, building strength and gaining more soldiers. I soon grew tired and cold, so i retired for the night within my room. Sometime next morning i observed the snow again. the soldiers had stopped gathering and the union had began to melt away loosing more and more life to the sun. It was all lost after time, no snow was left, but had served its purpose well. The snow kept the ground untill the sun took over and was able to warm the ground, fertilizing it with life. The war was neither lost nor won, with all the obliteration of the snow, life was able to begin again untill the cycle began again to gather new troops, gathering in conformaty to protect the land again.

-Brian Mulroney-

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