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Motorcycle Boy And Rusty James Essay, Research Paper

Rusty James is the leader of a small, dying gang in an industrial town. He lives in the shadow of the memory of his absent, older brother — The Motorcycle Boy. His mother has left, his father drinks, school has no meaning for him and his relationships are shallow. He is drawn into one more gang fight and the events that follow begin to change his life.

Rusty James is an up-and-coming street hoodlum, lamenting the salad days of the gangs when his older brother, The Motorcycle Boy, ran things as President of the Packers. Before disappearing two months earlier, Motorcycle Boy outlawed gang wars, or “rumbles,” by a treaty. When Rusty James breaks the treaty in a fight with Biff Wilcox, and gets seriously hurt, his brother suddenly appears. Distracted, delusional and enigmatic, his brother seems haunted and disinterested in his past as a “neighborhood novelty.” Over the next few days, James’ dead end life of posturing seems to fall apart; he loses his girlfriend, his friends, his own sense of confidence. The future looms like a dark, unknown wall locking James in. Through Motorcycle Boy’s example, he finally learns to break free from others’ expectations, and his own inner demons.

Rusty James can’t live up to his brother’s reputation. His brother can’t live it down.

No leader can survive becoming a legend.

Two brothers searching for some kind of salvation, one from the hero status mystically cast upon him, the other from the listless mediocrity of Tulsa, Oklahoma. An assortment of complex and charismatic support characters, who are all strands of silk in a beautiful tapestry.

Summary: Basically Rumble Fish is about two brothers struggling to find themselves. One wants to follow his brother, to be the next ‘motorcycle boy’. The other seems to be on smoe sort of mission or something.

Opinions: I thought it was one of the best films i have ever watched. It was very dream like and stylilised. I loved the character that Mickey Rauwk played, motorcycle boy. he doesn’t say much, when he does speak he creates beautiful images.

Misc: There aren’t enough men in the world who have attitude like rusty james.

Opinion by Shane Johnson: Brilliant, brlliant film. It doesn’t get much better than this. Coppola has constructed a masterpiece that will never garner the acclaim it deserves, but that in itself lends to its unassuming class. The cinematography is mesmerisingly original, the score by Stewart Copeland so despairingly apt and at other times so dreamily wistful. Dennis Hopper as the drunken father and Tom Waits as the eccentric cafe owner are gems in a film where all of the cast, not least Matt Dillon & Mickey Rourke, have never been better. Eleven out of ten in every respect.

A 14 year old boy, Rusty-James meets up with his childhood friend. Together they dicuss and recall their adventures and crazy childhood.

Academy award-winning director francis ford coppola’s visually stunning adaption of the s. E. Hinton novel. Starring teen heartthrobs matt dillon and mickey rourke as two brothers whose desire to break out of their urban trap eventually leads to the death of one and a new beginning for the other. Photographed in black and white with color sequences, the striking production features a brilliant supporting cast including dennis hopper, and boasts a musical score by stewart copeland, drummer and co-founder of the rock group, the police. Rumblefish dvv movieuniversal

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