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Scholarship Essay – Desire To Become A Scientist Essay, Research Paper

Ever since I could remember, I have always wanted to become a scientist. That craving to

understand the mysteries of the universe has been one of the most passionate desires of mine since I was a

toddler. I can still recall laying in my bed, staring at the ceiling, and wondering why some people had

crooked teeth while others didn?t. The question ?How?? always echoed within my thoughts. When I entered

school, science and mathematics quickly became one of my most favored subjects. In my mind, they were

the most logical and precise. The answers they provided were based on fact, not human intuition.

As I matured, I grew to enjoy the systematic mechanics of the human body. Within months, I knew

without a doubt that I wanted to enter college with the intention of graduating with a Ph.D. in genetics. It is

my hope that with such a degree, I would be able to pursue a career in medical research. I would like to

have that chance of contributing in a cure for the common cold, or maybe some of the most troubling viruses

which inundate our society today.

Unfortunately, such an ambition requires money to achieve. Finances are a strong factor in my

family, and I realize that my college choices need to revolve around a simple fact: Can I afford it?

My mother has provided for my private school education since I entered kindergarten. With each

passing year, it becomes harder and harder to continue providing for this kind of education. My mother, who

currently works two jobs that could often extend beyond fourteen hours a day, sacrifices a number of

luxuries just so that I could finish my thirteenth year in private school. My younger brother is currently

attending public school with the hope of transferring into a private school once finances can accommodate it.

These are the sacrifices that they make for me; I acknowledge this fully. Though my mother intends to

continue paying for my education, I know very well that this is close to impossible. With graduation closely

approaching, I know that I will need to assist her in financing for college. It is my hope that with this

scholarship, I can do just that.

I would like to give my mother the chance to relieve her stress of finances and allow my brother to

have the opportunity of receiving the kind of education that I was lucky to have. Though my desire to

continue my education is a strong reason for this scholarship, my wish to ease my family?s responsibilities

for my education is even stronger.

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