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Anti Racist Essay, Research Paper

I totally agree with that statement. The way that I have been brought up and how my parents have raised me. I am against all of those organizations. Now why would you want to be a racist? I can’t see how any person or group of people could be so angry at someone that they could beat them up based just on the persons color or religious background. But on the other hand if the parents’ there KKK members or Nazi’s then more likely the children will follow in the parents footsteps. That is not bad, but they are following the totally wrong morals.

“I believe in the lord and I hate all stupid ni….(I didn’t want to write the word)let them all burn on the cross and taste the wrath of god.” That was a quote from a KKK member. But an act of racism is any action involving a distinction, exclusion, restriction or preference based on color, descent, religion, national or ethnic origin. Is an act on that person’s rights? Racism has the effect of impairing the recognition, enjoyment or exercise of any right or freedom. So these groups are unAmerican and unChristian. But on the other hand this is only my option, based on how I was raised that church I attended (Christian), or just how my parents talked to me. All came into effect on how I act and how I am today. Now everyone isn’t as lucky as I was to have parents that brought me up the right way(I think). But everyone isn’t that lucky.

So yes, I think that organizations like the KKK and the Nazi’s should be banned. And they are both unAmerican and unChristian. But that’s the way they are there is nothing that we could do to change there minds. Unless they realize what they are doing is wrong. Or end up dead because they messed with the wrong person. Cause what they are doing is all wrong they are stuck in the past then communist countries were big. But in today’s world and lifestyle you can’t go around beating people and just pissing people off, just to get attention. And that’s what I think they are doing is just to get attention, that they didn’t get when they were little. But it’s good those groups are diminishing and will keep going until they are completely gone.

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