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Article 23 Essay, Research Paper

Universal Declaration Of Human Rights


-Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment-

Article 23 has established how the free enterprise has evolved. Choice is a key element of free enterprise. Workers have the right to choose where to work and who to work for. Article 23 clearly states people have the right to work. Another feature in the free enterprise system is competition. In Article 23 it says people have the right to a free choice of employment. This creates competition between businesses so they strive to keep their best employees. In Article 23 people have the protection against unemployment, and the free enterprise relies on individuals, not the government so Article 23 lets people own or work so our economy can succeed.

An example for freedom of choice of employment is if I want to open a business and I want to hire a guy named Bob out of college. In the free enterprise system Bob has the right to work for me. Bob has the right to work where he chooses. If Bob were smart he would work for a business with lots of competition, because if the competition is there and the business is doing well he might get paid more, if the business isn t very competitive then the business won t do as well. Lets say, I hired Bob and two months later I decide to dismiss (fire) him because he I need to down size my business. Bob has the right to get another job in this field so he isn t unemployed, which will help keep the economy running because he will provide his skills for another business in need.

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