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Legend Of Faust Essay, Research Paper

The Legend of Faust

In this paper I will be writing about the legend of Faust which gained recognition back in the 16th century by numerous authors.

In Germany during the early 16th century there were many stories of a magician by the name of Dr. Johannes Faust or Faustus who was said to have connections with the devil. With the aid of his assistant it was said that Faust could perform unbelievable feats. Faust was said to have died about 1540, but the details of his life up to this point are really unsure. It was said that Faust would travel from place to place in Germany posing as a physician, astrologer, alchemist, and magician. Das Faustbuch or the Faust book published in 1587 by an anonymous author was the first literary fame that Faust received. This book was collection of stories dealing with a number of medieval magicians, wizards, and sorcerers who called themselves Faust. The Faust book tells how Faust looked to gain supernatural power and knowledge by signing a pact with the devil. In this pact that Faust signed with his own blood, he agreed that Mephistopheles would become Faust s servant for 24 years. In return Faust would give himself to Satan. It was said that when the 24-year agreement was up that Faust was carried off to Hell during an earthquake. This legend was very popular and many writers used its theme. An English translation of the legend inspired Christopher Marlowe dramatist to write the play The Tragicall History of D. Faustus. Many traveling actors preformed this play and it was also a big play with puppet shows in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. There was also the publication of manuals of magic. These were supposedly written by Faust himself but no one is really sure. In these manuals were instructions for avoiding making pacts with the devil and how to break a pact once it is made.

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