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Web Site Development Essay, Research Paper

I propose to develop a web site for anyone in the sunglass, contact lens,

colored contact lens or laser vision correction market. The most important

features included in this site must be: savings, convenience and top quality

products. It is necessary to tie all aspects of the site together smoothly. By

this I mean the shopper must have the ability to purchase at any point In the

site, as well as the ability to get anywhere from anywhere. We must outline our

available products and services in such a way as to make it a ?No Brainer?

for anyone. Our available products must be outlined from the onset. If vendors

need to be contacted to develop a wholesale relationship then this must be taken

care of as soon as possible. We must assess which products will maximize our

profit, which will maximize our marketability and which are just of necessity to

carry. We must develop a database of products and maintain prices, additions and

subtractions accordingly. One service I had in mind was to develop a free

service for anyone interested in laser vision correction. We can develop an

application where the patient inputs his/her doctor?s written Rx or their

contact lens box/bottle prescription, and we can take this information and

develop a sort of internet merge letter. By this I mean, we can send them an

email response as to their current eye condition, the best suited surgical

procedure for their condition, history of other?s w/ their Rx & results

and maybe even doctors in their area. I understand this might take away from the

promotion of INSIGHT, but remember, anything free? keeps em? coming back!!!

This will more marketing tool to draw people in, rather than a service. Also,

some production company or another could be contracted out to develop videos

which we could sell to candidates, doctors, surgeons, etc? Dr. Sopher could

develop a video directed to practicing optometrists interested in sales

techniques in the examination room.

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