Реферат: A Teens Guide For Choosing Friends Essay

A Teens Guide For Choosing Friends Essay, Research Paper

A Teens Guide for Choosing Friends

How important is it that I choose the right kind of friends? How will I

know if the people I hang around are the kind of people that will lead me

down the wrong path in life? What kind of people do I really want to be seen

with and why does it matter? These are all questions a teenager faces every

day of his or her life. We must all remember that we are ultimately

responsible for the choices we make and choosing the right friends can make

a life altering impact.

The most important thing to remember when your choosing your

friends is to choose people with common interest and goals. Most of us make

friends with people that we choose to be friends with for life therefore we

must have common interest. Maybe a fishing or hunting buddy or maybe a

friend that goes to youth group with you at your church. Another person you

can feel comfortable with no matter where you are or what the subject may

be. It is important that you choose friends with goals. Kids who don?t care

who they are or what they may become are very likely to become a prisoner

and live a life of crime, Or at least a life sponging on their parents and friends.

When choosing friends it is very important that you surround yourself

with people of similar religious beliefs. By doing this your friends will share

your conscious and you will have good, clean, fun when you are together.

And a friend in Christ seems to always stay with you. Its also nice to have a

kid your age that you can talk to about things and they understand.

Another important factor in choosing friends is ask yourself will they

pass the parent test? This means will my parents approve of them and their

family. I don?t mean this in a snob way. If they are raised with parents that

have drug or alcohol problems they will not pass the parent test! You must

choose friends that your parents are comfortable with. It cuts down on

conflicts and everyone seems to be happier for it.

In closing I must say a person is very much a part of the company he

keeps. If he has Christian friends it is not likely he will stray from the beliefs

and morals that have been instilled in him. If he has bums, drunks or drug

attics for friends it is almost a sure thing that he will take the wrong road in

life. So when we choose our friends we are choosing our life.

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