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Alcohol 2 Essay, Research Paper

Should alcohol production, sale, and consumption be prohibited? I think not. For hundreds of years, man has had choices choices pertaining their food intake, their living quarters, and their life mates. Whether or not to consume alcohol has been a choice that man has had through recent history and is a choice which I believe should remain just that a choice.

There has been only one period of history where alcohol purchase and consumption was limited. During the 1920 s, specifically 1920 to 1933 (and 1917 to 1919 in Canada) beverages such as beer, gin, rum, whiskey, and wine were forbidden to manufacture, sell, or transport. Supporters of prohibition believed alcoholic beverages endangered mental and physical health (World Book Encyclopedia).

Results of the Volstead Act, passed by Congress that enforced prohibition, were disastrous. Underworld gangs controlled the sale of alcohol in communities. Was this a sign of good mental or physical health?

During prohibition, the cost of this illegal alcohol skyrocketed costing people hundreds of dollars. I know what causes unsatisfactory mental health for me and that is having less money in my pocket. If this was such a good idea, why did Congress reverse it?

Sure there will always be irresponsible people. And absolutely the irresponsible use of alcohol has produced disastrous results. But look at me. I m a responsible person. When I drink I always make sure that I have a designated driver. Why should I be punished by the few who can t handle that responsibility? How about my grandparents? They believe in having a glass of wine with their dinner. Its an old family custom which has maintained by my generation. Should I be told what I can and can t drink?

I was reading Time Magazine recently and a recent study has been released which states that a glass of wine a day has been shown to improve liver function, lower cholesterol and lessen the chance of heart disease (Time June 1999). Now if alcohol sale or production was abolished, how could have that study been done. Especially in this decade when heart problems are at an all-time high due to the high availability of high cholesterol foods, I say you do anything you can do to help. The twenty-first century is right around the corner and who knows what studies will find? Could alcohol be a cure for cancer? How about AIDS? Who knows what the future holds.

I sure hope that when I get married my future husband and I will be able to celebrate and my family can raise their glasses and toast my marriage? It would be a shame if I wouldn t be legally allowed to do that.

Patrick Henry once said, Give me liberty or give me death. I respond, Give me alcohol or give me sparkling cider!

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