Реферат: Change Management Essay Research Paper Content and

Change Management Essay, Research Paper

Content and Structure

Introduction (intercultural dimension)

Intercultural Management and culture change/cultural leadership styles (why resistance matters)

The impact of personal change/Cross-cultural management (culture-specific perception and skills for effective conflict resolution)

Outlook and Conclusion

The intercultural dimension in change processes

Definitions (I)

Definitions (II)

CULTURE is everything that people have*, think* and do* as members of their society

Material objects

Ideas, values, attitudes

Normative or expected patterns of behaviour

Culture is shared by at least two or more people

Culture is learned

Culture is bound to change

Resistance is likely to be present

Culture (I)? Comparative Value Orientations

U.S. Culture


Precise time reckoning

Future oriented

Doing (working achievm.)

People controlling nature




Relative equality of sexes

Contrastive Cultures


Loose time reckoning

Past oriented

Being (personal qualities)

Nature controlling people

Old age



Relative inequality of sexes

Culture (II)

Culture (III)

Culture Change (I)? Processes of Change

Culture Change (II)

Basic Assumptions

Relation to environment

Nature of reality

(time & space)

Nature of human nature,

activity and relationships

Taken for granted



Corporate Culture

Summary (Interc. Comm. & Management)

Cultural Leadership Styles? Why Resistance matters

Influence of Leadership

What are business ethics?

Standards and conduct (that an organis. sets itself in its dealings within the organisation and outside with its environment

Need to be reflected in the mission statement

Purpose: Communication (in- & external)

Remember: Analyse, vision, mission, objectives, implementation, control, CHANGE? Change processes? reimplement RESIST.? – Solution

How to avoid problems

Resistance to Change

Why do people resist change

Framework (I)

Framework (II)

Practical Guide

Overcoming Resistance to Change

How to convince? People embracing Change

Case Study

Solution and Summary

Personal Change

Cross-cultural Management


Culture-specific perception / (How to improve cross-cultural perception)

Cross-Cultural Motivation (I)

Cross-Cultural Motivation (II)

Cross-Cultural Motivation (III)

Cross-Cultural Motivation (IV)

Cross-Cultural Motivation (V)

Being a Global Player means solving conflicts

Conflict Management

Cultural Diversity

Managing Diversity

Coping with Cross-Cultural Adjustment Stress

Conflict Resolution

Conflict (types and elements) (I)

Conflict (II)

Positive and Negative Effects

An Outlook

Conclusion (I)

Conclusion (II)

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