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Henrik Ibsen “A Dolls House” (Ideas) Essay, Research Paper

How women and Men are portrayed in the play and how this can be directly related back to the social issues of the time.


 Women were used as a prop for the ego of men.

— Nora is expected to humble herself before Helmer, when she doesn?t and calls him ?petty? he over reacts.

— Helmer is adept at containing Nora within her social boundaries, ?suppose it were to get about that the new Manager had let himself be influenced by his wife ??

— Nora plays the helpless housewife and indulges in the whims of Helmer as is expected of her, e.g. Macaroons and Dance.

— Mrs. Lynde is shunned for her independence of Man and is meant to still be morning for the death of her husband even though it has been 3 years since he died. ?Poor Kristina, you?re a widow now.?(154).

 Women were financially dependent.

— Nora received nothing from her father?s will.

— Nora had to deceive in order to attain an income. ?? It was tremendously fun sitting there working and earning money. It was almost like being a man.?(162)

— Nora was only able to gain a loan by the guarantee of her father, when that could not be arranged she resorted to deception again. ?? I wrote Papa?s name.?(175)

— Helmer is the economic manager within the family; he can issue or withhold money from Nora. ?You could give me money Torvold.?

— Marriage was a way for women to gain financial stability.


 Men were expected to repress their emotions.

— If a man provided his wife with money and children he was considered a good husband regardless of how he treated his wife in private. ?… a good safe post and ample means.? (152)

 Men did not play an active role in the rearing of children. ?Come along, Mrs. Lynde, this is no place for anyone but a mother!?

 Women were envisaged as weak ?I shouldn?t be a proper man if your feminine helplessness didn?t make you twice as attractive to me?, Men were expected to protect them from harm in any form.

?No man would sacrifice his honor for the one he loves?

?Thousands of women have.? (230)

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