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Types Of Parents Essay, Research Paper

Protective parents are the easiest category of parents to spot. Most parents in this category illustrate an extreme sense of strictness through the use of several rules and harsh punishments. For instance, Mr. and Mrs. Gallop ground Jennifer from riding in a car because she was ten minutes late without notifying her parents first. This action taken by Jennifer’s parents clearly illustrates protective parents because of the harsh consequence in response for the violation of rules. Protective parents tend be curious and untrusting at times. If Jennifer decides she wants to go to a movie, she must first be questioned on who is going, what she is seeing, and what time she will be home. A strong trait of a protective parents is to be highly nosey. During the duration of Jennifer’s time at the movies, Mr. and Mrs. Gallop search her room for any type of material that is considered controversial. Many friends are considered bad influences and must first go through a secret evaluation before being accepted by protective parents. Although protective parents seem like bad parents, they are generally concerned and loving towards their children.

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