Реферат: Features Of Radio Adverts Essay Research Paper

Features Of Radio Adverts Essay, Research Paper

Features of Radio Adverts ??????????? Radio adverts are good for

advertising different products and companies, as many people listen to the

radio. Unlike newspaper adverts, listeners have no option other than to listen

to the commercials as opposed to readers of newspapers where they have the

option of choosing to ignore a particular advertisement which does not have a

powerful enough message to catch their eye.?

??????????? The major appeal of radio

commercials is that they are able to communicate the spoken word unlike newspaper

advertising that has to rely on the written word. Where the spoken word is

chosen it has the power to emphasise a particular message. The advertiser can

also incorporate audible sounds that can grab the attention of the listener.??????????? Red Rose Radio describes radio

advertising as ?The theatre of the mind? which I believe is a very good

description of this form of communication. The use of a variety of sounds and

voices can be very receptive to the listener?s ear and can achieve so much more

than the written word. Radio

commercials can also be repeated over a period of time, and if the advertiser

is planning a national campaign the use of radio advertising can also be more

cost effective than television or newspaper advertising.??????????? Many radio commercials incorporate

jingles, which can also be attention grabbing and will add to the success of a

campaign. Jingles used are often popular records that have made the charts

previously and are therefore appealing and enjoyable. These can often be

particularly appealing to the younger audience.?Other jingles that are written especially for

the particular radio commercial can often be so catchy that the listener

without their realising that they are doing this repeats them. An example of a

catchy jingle would be the commercial that is frequently broadcast on Rock FM

for Charnock Richard Cycles, ?Buy a bike, buy a bike, get down to Charnock

Richard Cycles?Many

famous celebrities are also used as voice-overs, which again attracts the

listeners? attention because that voice is instantly recognisable and also

gives the listener the impression that the celebrity is endorsing the product.A

successful radio commercial catches the listeners? attention and if

particularly creative it will also have the benefit of being repeated by

consumers. Although

radio commercials have many advantages over other forms of advertising if the

objectives of the company were to appeal to a national audience of all age

groups this form of communication would be only part of a comprehensive

marketing campaign involving all types of media.

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