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Politics As A Career Essay, Research Paper

Politics as a Career

Politics is not a career for everyone. It requires many different skills, some which are natural and others that need to be practiced with over and over to even contend with the best of the politicians. Now unfortunately this is an extremely broad career, reason being there are literally thousands of jobs offered in the arena of politics. Some being of high power and prestige such as President, and others being small roles played within a community, like County Commissioner. Both of which are still in the broad spectrum of politics as a career.

Politics as a career is a very vague description of a job, and as a matter of fact its really more like an area of a position held by someone. A politician is what we call a person in a public office, usually obtained by being voted in or appointed. The job usually deals with public affairs, and the person holding the office will make decisions on what or how a town, city, county, or even country will be run and even the laws that will apply.

Being a politician can be an exciting thing for some. Although its not always fun and games. Many of the politicians today had to work extremely hard to get where they are now. You need to be very strong willed and able to take criticism and keep on moving like nothing happened. Since there is no specific requirement on becoming a politician or some degree you obtain, the doors are open for all, which can lead to great opportunities in this field for anyone who wants it. Although most people choose not to take the vigorous lifestyle in which they would be living. Being a politician is a lot like being an actor or actress. You are usually in the public eye and subject to harassment and scandals as we are seeing much of right now in the arena of politics.

Since there are no requirements for becoming a politician, the school or amount of education needed is not defined, or at least not defined very well. While you don t need any degrees it does help a tremendous amount when trying to run for a public office. Most people want a well educated person in office so they can make educated decisions for the people they govern. Ronald Regan and Sonny Bono are two people who s names I m sure we all recognize. Ronald Regan being one of our great past presidents and Sonny Bono being the well recognized mayor of Los Angelos. These two men did not commence to the life of a politician from the start. In fact they were both entertainers, Ronald Regan being an outstanding actor and Sonny Bono of Sonny and Cher being a hit music duo of much of the 60 s and 70 s. These two men embarked upon politics after their careers of entertainers. Some people think by beginning in the entertainment industry before heading out into the world of politics this gave them the name recognition that every politician wants, so when they decide to run for a public office the public already knew who they were. So they were one step ahead of everyone else. And as soon as either one of them tried running for their first office they basically got free advertising, which is usually one of the high costs of becoming a politician. They were blasted all over the news local and international, now everyone that might not have ever found out, knows they are running for an office.

On the other side some people such as our President now ( contrary to others beliefs or feelings ), Bill Clinton and George Bush our former president, embarked upon politics the way the majority of most politicians do. They went through college and obtained a law degree and began practicing law. This way they could obtain the experience it takes to run a large group of people, and have first hand knowledge of law and the works of it. Then after retiring from law, began running for public offices. The both of them climbed their way up the political latter as do most people, going from public office to the next, often not succeeding the first time through. George Bush being the Vice President under Regan for eight (8) years, just before taking office as President, and Bill Clinton being Governor of Arkansas just before taking office as President. After the long haul many politicians take, they all have different hopes and accomplishments some at the top run of the latter (President) and others are happy being at the bottom. (County Commissioner) So in all politics is a very broad career choice, and it is pretty difficult to narrow down, or give any specifics on this particular job. While most jobs aren t always available or are always guaranteed to have openings, politics is defiantly a very reliable job for now and the future, and as long as there is still a government in America, there will always be job openings or at least opportunity for someone to be elected to a public office.

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